Variety of services

America’s Finest Logistics offers an unparalleled selection of drayage services, including port and rail drayage, volume pricing discounts for bulk freight moves, spot shipments when time is of the essence and specialized overweight/refrigerated cargo transportation. Our commitment to providing quality logistics solutions ensures your goods get delivered safely and on schedule every time. With our comprehensive drayage services and volume discounts, you can be sure that your cargo is in the best hands.

Reduce Logistic Costs

Drayage is the transport of goods between two points. It can be used to move cargo between a port and a storage facility, or between two storage facilities. By using drayage services, businesses can reduce their overall logistical costs as well as save time and effort associated with moving large volumes of cargo. With modern drayage methods, cargo can be delivered quickly and safely.


At America’s Finest Logistics, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction when it comes to shipping goods.  Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan for all your drayage needs. With our comprehensive services and volume discounts, you can be sure that your cargo is in the best hands.

From port-to-port drayage, to rail drayage, spot shipments, and overweight/refrigerated cargo, America’s Finest Logistics has the perfect solution for your drayage needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you move your goods safely and efficiently!

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